New York State law requires that the Town Board appoint a Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) if the Town has zoning laws.  The ZBA shall have the power to vary or modify the application of any of the regulations or provisions of the Zoning law/Ordinance relating to the use, construction or alteration of buildings or structures or the use of land in accordance with New York State Law. It also interprets the Zoning Ordinance when requested to by the Code Enforcement Officer.  The Town of Cohocton has a five person ZBA with 5 year terms.  They will meet at the request of the Code Enforcement Officer or town citizen. 

Board Members:
Marvin Rethmel-Chairperson term expires 2020
Karen Wheaton
, term expires 2018

Verna Barber-term expires 2017

vacant-term expires 2019

William Yanda-term expires 2021
Judith Hall-Alternate

Meeting Schedule

Zoning Board of Appeals

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