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Phone: 607-664-2274
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3 East Pulteny Square,
Bath, NY 14454


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Information on how to file a small claim is contained in the NYS Consumer Law Help Manual.

Click here to go to the manual: www.consumer.state.ny.us/clahm/clahm-small_claims_court.htm

Small Claims Form



The Consumer Law Manual section on landlord-tenant rights includes information on evictions. 

Click here to go to the manual: www.consumer.state.ny.us/clahm/clahm-landlords.htm


NYS Unified Court System (for Do-It-Yourself Forms and Information):




If you cannot reach the court during these hours, please write the court at the address above. Thank you.

Court in Session:

The first two Tuesday's of the month with the Honorable Ronald C. Snyder presiding. (9:00 AM)

The third and fourth Thursday's with the Honorable David Domm presiding. (4:00 PM)

This court will not see you on court nights unless you are on the docket or have made prior arrangements with a judge.

Town Justice

Town/Village Justice - Ronald C. Snyder term expires 12/31/21

Town Justice - David Domm


Cohocton Town Court

PO Box 221

Atlanta, NY 14808

585.534.5100Ext. 2


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 

9:00 AM - 11:30


Town/Village Justice

Town/Village Justice, Honorable Ronald C. Snyder
Town/Acting Village Justice, Honorable David Domm

If a village has a village justice court, it may have one or two elected village justices. If only one position is created, a village must also appoint an acting justice to serve when requested by, or in the absence or incapacity of the village justice. If a village has two village justices, it cannot appoint an acting village justice.

The acting village justice is an appointed public officer, appointed by the mayor and subject to approval of the board of trustees. The term of acting office for the acting village justice is one year.


Court Clerks - Kay Fisher, Karen Wheaton



Town Justice

Town of