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The Planning Board meets on the first Thursday of each month 7pm at the Village Hall .  Everyone is invited to attend. 

Planning Board Members:

Raymond Schrader-Chairman (Village)-Expires 12/31/2020, 2-year term

Dave Pietrucha (Village)-Expires 12/31/2022, 4-year term

Jeremy Wise (Town)-Expires 12/31/2021, 3-year term

Freda Feely (Joint)-Expires 12/31/2018, 5-year term

Ted Walker (Town)-Expires 12/31/2019, 1-year term

 Russ Gray(Village Alternate)-Expires 12/31/2018, 5-year term

 (Judith Hall)-Expires 12/31/2018, 5-year term

Planning Board